About Me

I am an assistant teaching professor at Rice University. My major role is to help build the new neuroscience major at Rice by instructing classes in basic experimental techniques, behavioral and molecular neuroscience, and science communication. I received my doctorate at UTHealth in theoretical neuroscience, where I studied the computational underpinnings of perceptual phenomena. I have a particular interest in how noise in neuronal communication effects perception, as well as the neural correlates of timing.

Besides teaching, I do a lot of work in science communication, outreach and organization. I am the lead representative of of the Houston Chapter of the Society of Neuroscience, with the primary goal of organizing inter-institutional relationships in the Houston neuroscience community. Additionally, I run two organizations that bring science to the public. BrainSTEM is a multi-institutional organization (as well as a course at Rice) that attempts to teach neuroscience subjects to local under-served high schools and middle schools. I am also the city coordinator for Taste of Science Houston, which focuses on connecting local scientists to the area through demonstrations and talks at various bars and restaurants.